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Direct Aid Society Building - Fourth Floor - Hawally - Block 1 - Musa Bin Nusair Street

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I cannot access my account?

You can click on the login button, then click on forgot password, and you will receive an email in the message box containing the feature to modify the password.

Are the courses free or paid?

All registered courses are free

How do we communicate with you?

We communicate via our email.

 Or via WhatsApp on the number

What about the Sharia Academy platform?

An electronic platform that provides systematic and skillful legal education using the latest methods and technologies of the highest quality.

What is the study system at the academy?

The student watches recorded and live courses according to his abilities, desires, and his academic and practical agenda, passes the short and final tests on them, obtains the content and attachments of the course to practice and study, and enjoys a distinguished scientific study. Each course has a certificate of passing and completion, and there are also specialized tracks for many legal, linguistic, and cultural arts. The legitimacy that produces a student skilled in every art. The student can attend the hearing sessions and obtain the documents and certificates attached to them.

How do I register in the academy?

To register on the Sharia Academy platform, just choose the login button and create a free personal account by filling out the required data, and then you can watch courses, take tests, pass training courses, and gain distinguished experiences.

Do all courses have accredited certificates?

For each course there is a certificate of completion approved by the Sharia Academy