Terms and Conditions


  • It is prohibited to publish recorded or live training and educational courses on other electronic platforms, and the publisher bears all legal responsibility and accountability in that case. The platform also reserves all rights to the courses, lectures, books, and all services provided by the platform. Lecturers or trainers are committed not to violate the copyrights or intellectual property rights of any foreign party unless there is a license from the party that owns the rights to that property, and the platform waives all responsibility for that violation.
  • To advertise registered brands and trademarks owned by specific entities while offering recorded, live, or in-person courses, a license must be obtained from those entities, and this advertising is carried out through the platform management in accordance with the conditions in force in this regard.
  • Lecturers bear full responsibility if the intellectual rights of their course are owned by other parties or were taken from those parties without permission for use or publication. The lecturer cooperates with the platform in publishing marketing videos for his courses and programs presented on the platform to achieve greater benefit and spread.
  • The platform has the right to use the lecturer’s photo, CV, and other data necessary for publications, marketing work, advertising, and other matters that are consistent with the nature of the electronic platform’s work.
  • If the courses contain inappropriate materials, incorrect information, or are subject to criticism by learners, the platform has the right not to publish those courses. The lecturer has the right to announce his courses and programs on social media platforms and any means of communication, within the framework of the material and video designated for advertising only. The lecturer must abide by the general conditions adopted by the platform in a way that does not violate Sharia law, morals, values and general concepts.
  • The lecturer is committed to providing useful and useful content that enlightens minds, raises levels, advances learners, and gives them real value. All previous conditions apply to all platform lecturers. Lecturer course designs are subject to modification by the platform, so that they are reshaped to match the general appearance of the platform, and to unify the general identity of the platform.